About us

ETHOS (ee-thos)

"The fundamental character or spirit of a Culture; the underlying sentiment and beliefs of a Community". Thesaurus


We are a team of Fortune 500 Senior Executives dedicated to peak performance and inspired by the exhilarating transformation of the electric bicycles and scooters in America, and specially in Northwest Arkansas, now named the "Mountain Bike Capital of the World." This amazing region boasts more than 500 miles of trails, including 322 miles of natural surface trails and 162 miles of multi-use paved paths...and it's still growing!.

We founded the Ethos Pro Shop to provide high performance Ethos eBicycles and eScooters to every adventurer who wants to push the limits of Performance, Style, and Sustainability. Outfitting customers aged 13 to 99 years, Ethos enables both new and seasoned riders to succeed and surpass their expectations, whether beginning in our Brick-and-Mortar Shop in Bentonville, Arkansas, or breaking trail anywhere in America through our simple and easy-to-navigate online shop: EthosProShop.com.


"For the Demanding, Eco-Mindful, Healthy and Energetic ETHOS community. The believers of a culture that enjoys to the fullest in style. Balancing health, happiness and efficiency everyday of the week. They own an ETHOS eBicycle or eScooter and take them everywhere; to any vacation trip, work, or social outdoor events.